Thursday, March 1, 2012

Calling in the Pros.

I don't think I have shared my foyer with you all yet.  It is a great space, it is just...well let me just say, I am willing to try almost any home remodeling a deck, no problem, curtains, slipcovers I got it covered!  Litterally!  Furniture refinishing, tiling, painting, landscaping, in fact  I once had 18 tons of stone delivered to my house when I was 6 months pregnant, and I taught myself to build a dry stacked stone wall....I think you get the picture.   I like to tackle new projects, but I also know when I have been out matched and need to call in the professionals.  Or maybe I am just getting old!   My foyer has out matched me.  It is ridiculous. Why? ceiling hovers 21 feet above the hardwood floors for starters.

Unfortunately I don't have a wide angle lens on this camera, but my ceiling soars another 6 feet above the this shot.

I am very comfortable on ladders (years ago I was a rock climbing instructor--if you can believe that...) so heights do not scare me. It is the fall off the ladder that scares me.  I know myself, and I am a reacher.  When I am painting a room, I tend to get lazy.  I see how far I can stretch with my roller before I move my ladder.  At 21 feet, I don't think reaching is a good idea.  So I have made the calls and I have hired a painter.  Now that the hard part is taken care of, let me show you my space.....

I decided to paint my walls Wheat Bread by Behr.  This is the same color I used in my Mud Room makeover.  You can see in this picture how far I could reach, even on my ladder! One of my friend's said my walls looks like an Aztec painting! Not the look I was going for....
Oh wow that this is a terrible picture of my cat's rear end!  I am sooooo sorry!  It is also the only picture showing my upstairs hall which is open to my foyer. 
As a side note, MooMoo my cat thinks she should be in all my pictures, if I take out my camera, she starts prancing around! 

Here is my amazing painter Todd Glasgow painting my foyer...

Here is a better look at the height of this room.

We painted the walls Behr's Wheat Bread, but had the paint custom matched and used Benjamin Moore paint.  I had the ceiling painted in Benjamin Moore's Cloud Cover.

So where should I start with this room, well....If I had a million dollars....(....I'd buy you furniture for your house---at least according to the Barenaked Ladies song).....still singing to myself.  Okay let me get back on track, over the next week, I will share with you a couple foyers that are inspiring this makeover, and unlike C's room which is taking forever, I will reveal my new and much improved foyer.  As always my budget is tight.  I have about $1250 to spend on this remodel, and that includes the painter!  I will be moving a couple of pieces in from other rooms, and I will be bringing back in a couple of pieces. 



  1. Hi Rebekah and Kandi! You ladies know I love your blog! You are both very creative and I enjoy reading and getting lost of wonderful inspiration. Because of this I want to pass on the Liebster Award to you. Stop by and read the instructions on how to accept this award. Congrats!

    I can relate to this foyer post. I just had to call a painter in to paint at the very top where I couldn't reach in my foyer and family room. I wanted to do it because I feel like I have to do everything on my own. But hubby put his foot down and made me call someone. I can't wait to see the reveal of your foyer! The color is so neutral and pretty!

  2. You didn't show us a before and after. You just show the guy painting. Could you show the foyer? we're about to use Behr wheat bread in our foyer. We already have it in our family room.


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