Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Screen Door

There are literally a billion places between Hendersonville and Asheville to find amazing things!  When Rebekah was in North Carolina visiting with her family we did our best to hit at least a million of the billion.  And, by do our best, I mean we made it to two places....  You see, when you leave 2 husbands with 4 kids locked out of the house in a rain storm and you have the keys with you... they kind of panic! 

We were at one of my favorite places on earth, The Screen Door, in Asheville, NC.  We had perused through most all the booths of this warehouse style, vendor based, store.  We had both fallen head over heals in love with our own little treasures.  Mine, a set of vintage lockers, FOR $40!!  Rebekah, an absolutely beautiful vintage dress form.  She was perfect in every way.

Then came the phone call.  Frantic husband on the other line yelling they are stuck outside in the rain with 4 hungry kids.  I had to literally drag Rebekah out as she has made friends (of course) with one of the vendors and was picking her brain.  It was a 30 minute drive back to Hendersonville so I did have to make a phone call to the frantic husband to remind him he did still have car keys and his wallet so he didn't have to stand outside in the rain with hungry kids... there are plenty of dry places to eat very close.....

Long story short we left without our treasures but here is a sampling of a few of the amazing and unique finds you can score at the Screen Door.

 This place is full of unique and one of a kind finds.  Furniture, art, vintage, industrial, linens, etc. etc.  If you are in Western NC, make it here.  It's a must!


P.S.  My chair WILL be finished this week.  I have discovered it is actually made of the hardest wood known to man so reupholstering has been a beast.


  1. I wish we were planning a trip there.I would love to visit.Oh no I don't think I could leave those treasures behind.

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