Wednesday, January 18, 2012

On Good Friends, and Good Finds!

You know you've met your "friend soul-mate" when you have a jam packed day, no extra time, but spot a bench as you speed by a yard sale, make an abrupt U-turn, and said friend jumps out and strikes an amazing deal ("said friend" is Rebakah, of course!).  The deal also included the chair that went with the bench... for get this... $45!!!!!!!!

Today I am working on that chair.  I started ripping the upholstery off which is pretty easy with needle nose pliers.  The back came right off but when I started on the front I ran into some padding that is breaking down.  Decision time.  Rip it off, embrace the mess, and start with a clean slate... or upholster of the existing upholstery.  Decisions, decisions. 
I cannot figure out what is going on with this one?  The upholstery is "new-ish"  as in, not original, but it looks like they had it upholstered without finishing stripping and staining the wood.  Why in the world would someone do this?

Decision number 2. To paint or strip and stain?? I WAS leaning towards staining but after consulting, who else, Miss Mustard Seeds blog, I found these inspiration pieces.  I've decided to paint.

I have decided on the fabric below which is pictured with my "helper".  Man, I hope I don't mess this up!  I did find an amazing Reupholstering Series from ThreeBoys.  Check it out if you are tacking a more in depth project. 

On another note... Rebekah is coming to North Carolina this weekend!  I am over the moon excited!!!!


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