Sunday, January 22, 2012

Pillows at Boudoir in Lynchburg

Exciting news!!  Woven Home's custom pillows are now available at Boudoir, a boutique lingerie store in Lynchburg, VA.  The owner has decided to expand her offerings from lingerie, to all things bedroom.  Boudoir will carry our custom pillows,  lavender saches and bedroom accessories.

Boudoir located in the Boonsboro Shopping Center

Look close and you will see our Valentines Day decorations in the window display.

string of hearts ($15 each)

lavender saches ($5, $7.50)

valentine's pillow display

"be mine" pillow 13"x 20"  $55

"Love" pillow 20" square $65

one of a kind heart pillow 20" square $75

one of a kind purple velvet heart 18" square $55
  If you are not familiar with our product, we make "pairs of a kind" custom pillows that we sell through our website, and locally in Lynchburg, VA and Hendersonville, NC.    Pairs of a kind because most of our clients want two of the same pillows, and they don't want to see the same pillows in their best friends home.    If I make the same design more than once, like my word pillows, we vary the fabric.  We sell pillow covers, and we sell our pillows with down inserts.  All of the pillows above include the down insert. 

You can also find our product at Old Towne Market in the Locus Street location Hendersonville, NC

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