Monday, September 19, 2011

When the husbands away the wife will...

...REDECORATE... of course.  For many reasons... but certainly not because it's physically easy.  For me it is a couple things.
1.  I LOVE to surprise my husband
2.  He is entirely too opinionated and loves to play devils advocate which, well, gets on my nerves!

I am working downstairs which I originally blogged about here.  It is going to have a couple elements from my inspiration room.  Namely a Dash & Albert rug. 
This one to be exact.  The name of it is Margarita Ticking... two things I just so happen to love! Margaritas and Ticking.... oh yes!   Their description of it is "great taste (without the morning after headache)".  I hope that name and description aren't the only reasons I bought it :-)     

My inspiration to get started originated with this little array of fabrics. I found the floral and it took off from there!

To me it was just happy!  I need something to lighten up my brown couch and what better colors to pull from for a family room than green and yellow.  So far I've made 10 pillows.  I'm painting built-ins from country oak to a crisp white.  I THINK I'm going to paint the walls green.   Valspars Guacamole to be exact (sticking with the Mexican food theme I guess).  A gallery wall is in the works as well.  Now, if I could just get rid of all those ugly pesky toys---- errrr, I mean, storage solutions are coming in also. 

I will leave you with a final before. The reveal will be at the end of the week but will only be 85% complete. I am not (yet) proficient at hanging light fixtures and I have a couple pieces of furniture that are literally impossible for me to move.  Oh, and the fact that I am only working during nap time and at night...  not exactly full work days.

Wish me LOTS of luck!!!!!!!!  I need more coffee!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Baby Shower

What a day it was! So many came to celebrate Matt and Karla and their growing family! It was a truly special day where I hope they realized how loved and supported they are. I wanted them to feel special and know that every little detail of this party was my way of showing them how much I love them and my soon to arrive nephew! It is really just hard to put into words the sentiment so let get to some pictures of the party instead!!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Baby Shower Inspiration

I am in the midst of some serious baby shower crafting, planning, list making, menu finalizing, etc., etc.  Had I not been at Pawleys Island all week doing this....

...then I wouldn't be quite so stressed at this very moment!  I even entertained the idea of toning everything down and just doing a "regular" shower, but realized that was stressing me out more!  Just the thought of abandoning all this planning.  It's just not me!   So, here are a few of my inspiration pictures and sometime after Saturday at noon I will post pictures! 
It all started with this invitation I found on Tiny Prints
Then along came this fabric Heirloom Amber fabric line from Joel Dewberry (LOVE his fabrics by the way!!)
Found this party on Kara's Party Idea's... loved the vintage feel and obviously the color scheme!

via Kara's Party Ideas
via Pintrest

via Pintrest

I am so beyond excited for my sister and her husband I can't even put it into words.  I want this baby shower to be so special and something to remind them just how loved they are!!  Baby Easton... we are waiting!!

Friday, September 9, 2011

It's in the air!

It's in the air... fall that is!  It was a perfect 51 degrees here in North Carolina this morning with a high of 75 on the way!  I am even already beginning to see some leaves drop!  Pure craziness around here has kept me from blogging, but to repeat a text I sent to Rebekah this week, "I, Kandi Hendricks, do so solemnly swear to get back to blogging, ASAP!!" 

If you didn't catch it from the beginning this is my most favorite time of year!  I love every season change actually, but this one is the best.  Crisp air, changing leaves, Halloween, Thanksgiving... well, then you know whats next... am I the only one already thinking about my Christmas tree(s)?!?  I digress...

Rebekah hosted an amazing 80th birthday weekend for her lovely Grandma Gloria. And in true Rebekah fashion not only was the food amazing and beautiful but every detail was attended too. Just check out this fall inspire table scape and you'll see what I mean.

I love everything about this table scape!  I love the nod to fall with pumpkins but the all white scheme kept it from becoming overwhelmingly fall... the party was September 1st after all.  To me, it is 100% perfect, and the love she has for her Gramdmother is highlited in the details and effort putting into making this occassion beautiful and special for her!

The pumpkins were from Potter Barn. The Mercury glass votives, flower containers, wicker balls, and birds are from Micheals.

The most precious part is the see the kids table set by her 5 year old son! See... they are learning from us...good, useful, life skills!!

Happy 80th Birthday Gramdma Gloria and here is to many many more!!
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