Sunday, July 31, 2011

Baby Girl Nursery

This nursery was created for my daughter.  The design started with the beautiful crib given to me by my mother.  With that came a bedding that had to have a cream background to coordinate.  We ended up going with Leaves line from Hoohobbers (   In deciding on a wall treatment this Thibaut wallpaper from their Waterlily collection in the Mimosa Pink pattern ( literally jumped off the page.  Perfection!

A beautiful white monogram ended up over the crib and that precious smocked dress was also a gift from Rebecca.

Framed pieces of wallpaper served as art.

The finishing touches included a Pottery Barn chandelier, a couple framed wallpaper leftovers, and an amazing arrangment of pillows created especially for the baby from Rebekah!!  There couldn't have been more beautiful 'icing on the cake'.

These last 2 pictures were taken in the new nursery at the new house... hence the different color walls!  But I wanted to show the monogram on canvas and the beautiful pillow Rebekah made for her!

Made with accents from vintage linens, piping in the curtrain fabric and also tassels from the curtains to tie the room together.

There is a sad part to this nursery story.  We found out we were moving due to a new job for my husband and moved from this house when she was 10 days old!!!  It's all a blur now...  I did atleast lay her in the room one time for a picture.  It's actually not so sad!  We couldn't be happier to be back in North Carolina and as the time flies and I am now thinking about her big girl room! 

A 'Woven Home' bedrooom.

Although there is no before, picture a bed dressed in linens that a toddler girl would love... but, not something the stylish tween would still see fit!

The Woven Home designed and created all things soft in this bedroom with input from the client on fabrics and style. The client being a 12 year old girl and her mother of course.
The pillows, duvet, bed skirt, and curtains were all custom created for a tween with high style! 
Contact us at for your free design consult.


Saturday, July 30, 2011

Introducing Vintage Loom!

It has been a busy summer... the "fabric store" in Rebekah's basement has been put to good use.  With meticulous attention to detail a line was born that the two of us would be incredibly proud not only to have in our homes but also in yours!  The more pillows that we produce the more ideas begin to flow. 
Have a look for yourself and feedback is welcome and appreciated!

Beautiful fabrics and trims.  Beautiful craftsmanship.  A beautiful addition to any room.  Bring us your fabric or choose from our ever growing line.  Anything you see here is available for purchase with a link to our Etsy store coming tomorrow. 

Rebekah and Kandi

Monday, July 18, 2011

Cradle Upcycle

It turned out beautifully I think!  In the palest pink with linens made to match HK's bedding and curtians. 

The before...
I sanded, primed, and painted in two coats of Valpar Noble Blush (7001-11). I used the original cushion for a template and made a new cover for it with a coordinating blanket.  Also,two tiny pillows. 

A super easy project and I can't wait to see her "playing babies". 

Sunday, July 17, 2011

HK is 1! Sweet!

When your mom tells you that time flies, she really is telling the truth!  This is been hands down the most eventful year of my life.  New job for husband which brought us back home to North Carolina from Tennessee.  That just happened to fall at the end of my pregnancy so we moved (in with my parents) when the baby was 2 weeks old!  Which was great.  Who wouldn't want TONS of help when you have a newborn.  We moved into this house when she was 2 months old and have since lost the rest of the year I think... blurry!

How did we so quickly get from this...
To this...
Photos from Tanya Leshe` Photography
Blessed beyond measure!

It was am amazingly sweet party!  From the dum dum topiaries to every kind of candy you can imagine.  Cookies and cupcakes made to look like lollipops, balloon "lollipops" lining our walkway.  She also looked rather yummy in her precious ensemble from Peonies & Willow Trees.  I LOVE a good party and had so  much fun putting this together!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Behind the curve...

So, maybe I am behind the curve on this one... I mean, Rebekah has had barn doors in her basement for quite some time now.  But, that doesn't stop me from dreaming that this is the vibe my basement is giving.

Not so much, right?  So basement-y. 

How terribly awful is this area right now?  But, the potential is amazing!  As a matter of fact this whole room is going under the knife in the very near future.  Some DIY projects, some revamps and rearranging.  Soon this catch all playroom/ slightly scary basement will be the heart of my home! I want cozy, functional (i.e. lots of places to hide toys), and inviting.  Somewhere that my 4 year old doesn't come flying back up the stairs from every few minutes because he's afraid monsters are down there!  Yes, that is what I'm going for. 


On a side note, see all that fabric on the left.  Something awesome for the baby girls room is to come...

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Anthropologie... how I love thee.

I ordered these knobs today. 
Not exactly sure where they will end up, but I am sure that where ever the end up they will add that last little bit of beauty to finish off a project.
It's all in the details, right?!

Of course I have a spot in mind for them, and of course I'll post pictures as soon they find their home!

Making it happen

Two friends who love design, love creating, and love weaving our homes into beautiful places to be.
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