Monday, February 25, 2013

Woven Home Goes to College

It all started with a church pew....
We (Sarah and I) go to Black Dog Salvage about once a week to restock the Woven Home Space, and do a little sprucing.  Last week  during our visit, Koiner (the Market Manager) asked us if we would be interested in helping a church pew look more festive....and of course I said yes.  So for the past week we have been busy sewing sewing sewing!  This is a picture of the space today before we placed our college pillows, table runners and blankets. 
(I really need to invest in a camera!  My iphone is just not cutting it!!!)
It seems like everyone in Virginia either has a connection to UVA (University of Virginia/the Wahoos) or to VT (Virginia Tech/Hokies).  So I decided to have a little fun with these two lines of pillows and use the universities' fight songs.  (WahooWah pillow on outdoor fabric $48)(Navy Trellis Down Pillows $48)
Hokie Hi blanket ($35) perfect for a cold fall game, or a summer picnic.
The ladder features our extra long (9') table runners($45) All of the orange Premier Print fabric is outdoor fabric which makes these table runners are perfect for dressing up a tailgating table on game day!

UVA monogrammed pillow ($58)
Assorted outdoor pillows ($38 each)
If you are in Roanoke, go check out our new line at Black Dog Salvage.  If you live no where near Virginia, but you like what we are creating, message me on Facebook.  Or leave a message here.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Less Than A Week

Last Thursday during our set up

I have to confess this week has been an emotional whirlwind!  It is really hard for me to know if I am making the right choices when it comes to Woven Home Virginia, and where and how I want to market and brand our little store.  I called Kandi last week right before I moved into Black Dog Salvage in Roanoke and asked her if she thought I was crazy investing in a space an hour away from Lynchburg.  As always she told me to not panic, and it was going to be great.  What was the worst that could happen?  Scenario 1: In 3 months I have to move all the same inventory out that I moved in....well at least I tried it....or Scenario 2:  I would have to hire another person just to handle our Black Dog Salvage space because it was such a wild success.  (To which I laughed and told her she really was my best friend because we must be on the same level of crazy!!!)  Well I have to report that less than one week in we are on the track for Scenario 2, and we could not have done it with out you our readers!  Thank you for your support!!!

Yesterday Sarah and I had to make a quick trip to Roanoke to replace all of the inventory that had sold since last Thursday! 

This is a picture of our space last Thursday.  Since then, we have sold the gray console table ($225) and one of the French Script Wing Chairs ($550)! 

Our new look.  We still have a French Script Wing Chair. ($550)  Yesterday Sarah and I added a Oak Drop Leaf Table for ($350). Do you see those wooden boxes between the wing chair and the table?  These boxes are one of my favorite items in our space.  I had them made from old barn wood they hold a large mason jar...perfect for a table let me show you. 

via Pinterest

I had boxes made in all shape and sizes for fit a variety of tables.  They range in price from $18-$42.

A few of my other favorite items...Vintage Purple Apothocary Bottles ($6-8 each).  Heart soaps from Turtleworks $6 for 2.  Gray Chevron Runner $35.  Pillows $48-$68 with down insert. 
Thanks for liking our new space!

ps. We have sold a few other large pieces as well, but my camera's battery died while we were at Black Dog so I don't have pictures for you!  Note to self...charge the battery next time!!!  :0

Friday, February 1, 2013

Forcing Branches to Bloom

Here is an oldy but a goody from February of last year.  It is that time of year again to head out into your yard and cut some branches!
Am I the only one who gets serious spring fever about now? It doesn't help that we keep having warm days only to head right back down into the twenties the very next day. Teaser! I love more than anything to have fresh flowers in my house and about this time of year it is easier than you might think to achieve that Pottery Barn blooming branch look for absolutely free! Just head outside and get to clipping.
Faux Plum Blossom Branch from Pottery Barn.
Faux branches have their place but why use them when you can have the real thing!!

February and March are the perfect time of year to start forcing branches. It can take from a couple days to up to 8 weeks to see blooms on your branches. Here is the process I use.

1. Find your tree or bush that blooms in spring. Forsythia, Dogwood, Crabapple, and Cherry are my favorite and all force easily. I used forsythia here and am cutting my Dogwoods to force into bloom next week. The forsythia took me about 3 weeks ( I cut the beginning of February).

2. Look for branches around dime size diameter with beginning buds and lots of them. Cut more than you think you'll need because some of them will not work.

3. Cut and put straight into a bucket of water.

4. I bring mine to the rarely used downstairs shower and give them a good bath in tepid water.

5. Cover with a trash bag and close the curtain. If you can't put them in a dark area then use a dark trash bag. The trash bag keeps the humidity up and moves them along quicker. Change your water every few days. A 65-70 degree area works best.

6. In one to eight weeks depending on the branch and how close they were to bloom at the time of cut, you will have your beautiful flowering branches!

It really is that easy. Step 7... show them off! Change your water every few days and they'll last from 1 to 3 weeks depending on the type of branch.

These shots were taken in my entry. Here are some things you should know....

1. We can't pick a wall color. Ever. Recurring problem.

2. There is another mirror in the garge with much better scale for this spot. I've been too lazy to hang it.

3. I've had this fabric draped over the dining room chair for 3 months. I'm going to use it very "soon".

4. The bookcase is going to get painted very "soon" as well. (Your "soon" and my "soon" might mean entirely different things :-)

Now, go cut some branches! Think how beautiful they are going to look on your Easter table and without spending a penny!

Re-reading this post actually made me feel good!  I got ALL of those things done in 2012!

See the painted bookshelf and new hall color here.
See the new mirror (and new entry bench) here.
See the dining room reveal here.

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