Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Less Than A Week

Last Thursday during our set up

I have to confess this week has been an emotional whirlwind!  It is really hard for me to know if I am making the right choices when it comes to Woven Home Virginia, and where and how I want to market and brand our little store.  I called Kandi last week right before I moved into Black Dog Salvage in Roanoke and asked her if she thought I was crazy investing in a space an hour away from Lynchburg.  As always she told me to not panic, and it was going to be great.  What was the worst that could happen?  Scenario 1: In 3 months I have to move all the same inventory out that I moved in....well at least I tried it....or Scenario 2:  I would have to hire another person just to handle our Black Dog Salvage space because it was such a wild success.  (To which I laughed and told her she really was my best friend because we must be on the same level of crazy!!!)  Well I have to report that less than one week in we are on the track for Scenario 2, and we could not have done it with out you our readers!  Thank you for your support!!!

Yesterday Sarah and I had to make a quick trip to Roanoke to replace all of the inventory that had sold since last Thursday! 

This is a picture of our space last Thursday.  Since then, we have sold the gray console table ($225) and one of the French Script Wing Chairs ($550)! 

Our new look.  We still have a French Script Wing Chair. ($550)  Yesterday Sarah and I added a Oak Drop Leaf Table for ($350). Do you see those wooden boxes between the wing chair and the table?  These boxes are one of my favorite items in our space.  I had them made from old barn wood they hold a large mason jar...perfect for a table let me show you. 

via Pinterest

I had boxes made in all shape and sizes for fit a variety of tables.  They range in price from $18-$42.

A few of my other favorite items...Vintage Purple Apothocary Bottles ($6-8 each).  Heart soaps from Turtleworks $6 for 2.  Gray Chevron Runner $35.  Pillows $48-$68 with down insert. 
Thanks for liking our new space!

ps. We have sold a few other large pieces as well, but my camera's battery died while we were at Black Dog so I don't have pictures for you!  Note to self...charge the battery next time!!!  :0

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  1. Amazing but you looks like tired. When I found my dream house on rent and during shifting It was painful to arrange all the luxuries


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