Monday, February 25, 2013

Woven Home Goes to College

It all started with a church pew....
We (Sarah and I) go to Black Dog Salvage about once a week to restock the Woven Home Space, and do a little sprucing.  Last week  during our visit, Koiner (the Market Manager) asked us if we would be interested in helping a church pew look more festive....and of course I said yes.  So for the past week we have been busy sewing sewing sewing!  This is a picture of the space today before we placed our college pillows, table runners and blankets. 
(I really need to invest in a camera!  My iphone is just not cutting it!!!)
It seems like everyone in Virginia either has a connection to UVA (University of Virginia/the Wahoos) or to VT (Virginia Tech/Hokies).  So I decided to have a little fun with these two lines of pillows and use the universities' fight songs.  (WahooWah pillow on outdoor fabric $48)(Navy Trellis Down Pillows $48)
Hokie Hi blanket ($35) perfect for a cold fall game, or a summer picnic.
The ladder features our extra long (9') table runners($45) All of the orange Premier Print fabric is outdoor fabric which makes these table runners are perfect for dressing up a tailgating table on game day!

UVA monogrammed pillow ($58)
Assorted outdoor pillows ($38 each)
If you are in Roanoke, go check out our new line at Black Dog Salvage.  If you live no where near Virginia, but you like what we are creating, message me on Facebook.  Or leave a message here.


  1. They are going to FLY off the shelf! I love the display. My friend is going to Black Dog on Wednesday. I'll be sure to tell her to look at your display.

    I've been eyeing one of your pillows at Urban Merchant. It says "P + D" which just so happens to be our initials. :)

    1. That' is an example of our custom wedding pillow. We make it to order :). $65-$85 depending on size and cording....

  2. I love how it all started with a church pew, these are all wonderful. I am wondering if you make these type of items for outdoor decks and sunrooms.

  3. Yes. All of the patterned pillows are on outdoor materiall.

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