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How we met...

Have you ever been driving down the road and seen someone kneeling down planting flowers who just happens to look like they just left the homeless shelter.  If so, did you pull your car over onto the curb and jump out to introduce yourself?  Yeah... me either!  But, if it were Rebekah writing this blurb about our first meeting then the answer would be, "of course!"  I'm not even kidding!  Someone had mentioned to her there was a new girl in town she might like who lived on Burnt Bridge Road... she took a gamble that the girl squatted down by her mail box might be who they were talking about.  It went something like this...
Rebekah:  HEY!  One of your neighbors said I should meet you!  I'm Rebekah.
Kandi:  Oh, hi?!  I'm Kandi.  Please excuse the fact that I am covered in paint and dirt and haven't showered in a few days. 
Rebekah:  Ha ha!  I'm having a party this weekend at my house.  You guys should come.   
The rest is history!  We bonded over paint colors, food, flowers, our boys (who are the same age)... etc. etc.  We were fast friends.  Fast best friends forever :-)

More kids, new houses, new cities, and a bazillion crazy times later we are here.  We now live close to 6 hours apart but get our families together often (our husbands happend to be BFF's too... they could do a "golf" blog.) 

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