Monday, September 19, 2011

When the husbands away the wife will...

...REDECORATE... of course.  For many reasons... but certainly not because it's physically easy.  For me it is a couple things.
1.  I LOVE to surprise my husband
2.  He is entirely too opinionated and loves to play devils advocate which, well, gets on my nerves!

I am working downstairs which I originally blogged about here.  It is going to have a couple elements from my inspiration room.  Namely a Dash & Albert rug. 
This one to be exact.  The name of it is Margarita Ticking... two things I just so happen to love! Margaritas and Ticking.... oh yes!   Their description of it is "great taste (without the morning after headache)".  I hope that name and description aren't the only reasons I bought it :-)     

My inspiration to get started originated with this little array of fabrics. I found the floral and it took off from there!

To me it was just happy!  I need something to lighten up my brown couch and what better colors to pull from for a family room than green and yellow.  So far I've made 10 pillows.  I'm painting built-ins from country oak to a crisp white.  I THINK I'm going to paint the walls green.   Valspars Guacamole to be exact (sticking with the Mexican food theme I guess).  A gallery wall is in the works as well.  Now, if I could just get rid of all those ugly pesky toys---- errrr, I mean, storage solutions are coming in also. 

I will leave you with a final before. The reveal will be at the end of the week but will only be 85% complete. I am not (yet) proficient at hanging light fixtures and I have a couple pieces of furniture that are literally impossible for me to move.  Oh, and the fact that I am only working during nap time and at night...  not exactly full work days.

Wish me LOTS of luck!!!!!!!!  I need more coffee!

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