Thursday, January 12, 2012

New Years Eve Party

Free NYE Subway Art from Eighteen25
Out of necessity we had a New Years Eve Party this year.  I say necessity because we talked all of our friends into lining up babysitter and going with us to an awesome party at a resteraunt in town... only for the resteraunt to cancel their party last minute. 

We had less than a week from conception to party time so there was lots to do!

My recipe for a painless party…

  1. I LOVE invites.  I just like paper of all kinds.  But make or order something that is suitable to your party… whether, crazy fun or simple elegant.  I think it always sets the tone for a party.  While I normally do not send out Evites I had to this time… no time for paper since it was last minute… but it worked like a charm!  And I found an adorable chevron pattern to boot.
  1. Guest list.  How to put it nicely… we have lots of different genres of friends… like, I might not mix my college friends with my grandparents… just sayin!      

  1. PLAN AHEAD… Plan your food, drink, décor, etc.  I am a list maker by nature which always helps things go a little smoother.

  1.  Enlist help and be able to delegate.  Whether it’s your husband making the play list and setting up the bar, or your sister sweeping up and garnishing your dishes.  It makes all the difference in the world.   You might even want to make a secret list of what you may or may not ask others to do (BUT, if your sister finds it, she will roll her eyes at youJ)
Above mentioned sister... who retired to her PJ's early... she's saying "I found that secret list, you are so OCD!"  Kidding!  I'm sure we were just gossiping!

  1. Get done what you can the day before.  Have your groceries, get out your serving pieces, house clean, buy flowers and arrange, etc.  If it can be done ahead… do it!

  1. Get those lists out and follow thru.  Cook, decorate, etc.  LEAVE TIME TO GET YOURSELF READY!  I like to have my hair and make-up done early in the day and throw on my clothes at the last minute!

 My favorite decor item... my breakfast room chandelier!  I have been wanting to try this for a while and this seemed like the right time.  The greenery and crystals were already in the chandelier from Christmas.  I added the clear glass ornaments with a little hot glue to be safe!  A little water, a few roses and some babies breath.  Whalla!!  I loved it, although it seemed more suitable for a wedding shower... it was still fun to do!

I forgot one favors and Champagne!  Crutial for a NYE Party!  Dont hate on my favors... this is what you get when you go to buy them at 4:30 on New Years Eve!

Here's to the greatest 2012 you can dream up!!


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