Monday, January 30, 2012

Change Is In The Air

There are big changes coming to Woven Home!  Not only are we expanding our product lines into local stores in Hendersonville and Lynchburg but we are also bringing some changes to the blog.  Along with a new look to the blog we are also going to bring in some new weekly features
including a weekly Pinterst challenge.  Here we will take an idea we have pinned, whether craft, decorating idea, recipe, anything is fair game, and try it out here!   We are also going to be adding a little more about ourselves and showcasing more of our work each week.  Come along with us as we make these new changes, and let us know how we are doing along the way!!

To start us off... here is a little tid bit about the two of us that may give you a little more insight into who we are.   A glimpse into our souls if you will...

We laugh a lot and mostly at ourselves and the mistakes we make... But a little more serious... if I have it in me... these words that have inspired us  lately.

This one is for me!

We are excited about the changes happening with Woven Home, and we feel so honored to have you with us for this journey. 

Kandi & (Rebekah)

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