Friday, February 10, 2012

Toddler's Room Inspiration

My baby is becoming a LITTLE MAN and it is time to transform his room.

Okay I am going to be honest here, it is time to decorate his room for the first time. Until now, he has always had a miss match of furniture, curtains and bedding.....okay I am making it sound even better than it really is.  Let me start over.

Both of my boys came home to a closet.  That is right, not a closet in the sense of wow this room is so small, it feels like a closet, but an actual closet.  My closet. The very place where my husband and I put our dirty shoes, and hang our clothes.  

 I wish I could post pictures of my little boys' nurseries and show you how I  transformed their rooms from baby to toddler.  I can't. Our home was much smaller then. 

 Fast forward to today and each of my boys have a room to call their own. And it is time to decorate. We are just starting the process with my 3 year old's room.

Here are a few of my thoughts.....

It all starts with the bed.

(Traditional Home)
Classic Blue-Red-White

(Restoration Hardware)
Blue and Tan....

Gray and Tan

(velvet and linen blog)
manly industrial

Can a little boy have too many letters in his room?

love these lights

My little man needs a desk and chair.

What a great idea!

This is is the color scheme I have decided upon...but perhaps this room is a little too MATURE...hum.

(Pinterest)  Perhaps a touch of orange...

As always I am going to set a low budget for myself and attempt to redo my son's room for .....wait for it.....dunt.dunt.dunt.....$1000!  All in.  Completely finished....bed, paint, furniture, curtains, linens, and all accessories....and by the way I have already spent $250 on the bed.
 I have ordered this headboard from Tuesday Morning on sale for $249! 
Please join me in this transformation.  I am excited to share with you my process of taking a room from a blank canvas to fully furnished.  Along the way I will share a few DIY projects that you may want to try for yourself.  First step, fabric choices.....(by the way, have you guessed my accent color yet?)


p.s. don't forget to comment on our "love" pillow we will be drawing a winner
 Saturday Night at 8 pm


  1. Oh so much fun! You will meet your $$$ challenge too! Looking forward to seeing the completed project!

  2. I think nurseries are over rated. They go out of style so fast and your little one is a toddler! I really like a vintage feel and anything rustic. Love the old wooden doors. Also really like the Union Jack but got to go all American for me. Ha ha!
    Can't wait to see what you come up with. Good luck!


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