Monday, February 13, 2012

Simple Girls Valentines Shirt

This post is a departure from our usual "home" posts.  But, it was so simple, and completely free so I thought I would share.  At our house we have decided to TRY and quit spending so much money on things we do not "need".  I figured Valentines Day attire would fall into that category in my husbands head... but not in mine!  That sweet baby girl has got to have a Valentines Day shirt!

Obviously I needed something super easy because I do not even attempt to make clothes!  We were playing babies on Sunday afternoon and one of the babies was wearing Harper's tutu from her newborn photos.  IDEA!   I can use a few pieces of tulle from the tutu to make a shirt.  (Bonus... the tutu is still plenty perfect for her babies to use for dress up!)
Tutu from One + Tutu and photos by Tanya Leshe`.  Two extremely talented friends I am blessed to know!

I had a black turtleneck leftover from Halloween that she hasn't worn since so I dug it out and got to work. 
I decided to make heart shape out of tulle flowers.  Sounded easy enough and was.  That hardest part was figuring out a method to make the flowers.  Here is a simple tutorial. 

1.  Mark out your heart shape.  I used chalk which worked perfectly on the black shirt.  Doesn't need to be perfect.  Just a guide.

2.  If you are cheap like me steal pieces of tulle from and old tutu.  Otherwise cute pieces that are about 6" wide by 12" tall.   I made 14 flowers.

3.  Follow diagram and wrap tail end between pointer and middle finger.

4.  Wrap tulle piece around the two fingers until you get to the end and then tuck end inside flower joining together with the original end.

5.  Sew a "X" shape into your tulle rosettes to hold it all together.  (If it is not 100% sturdy you can remedy that when you glue it onto the shirt.

6.  Glue the rosettes onto the shirt using hot glue.  At this point make sure your rosettes are going to stay together by adding a little extra glue where needed. 

That is it and it was as simple as it sounds.  It took my maybe an hour total and that is because Pam uses some crazy tying method to make sure her tutu's will not come apart.  You should visit her Etsy store and buy your girl a tutu or your boy an awesome super hero cape! 

Ready to roll for her Valentines Day party! 

Happy LOVE Day!!!


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  1. Wow! What a great tutorial and use of tulle! Love it. Thank you for featuring my store!

  2. This shirt and your little one is simply adorable! Thank you so much for sharing it with us!


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