Thursday, March 29, 2012

7 Console Changes

Were you able to find the seven changes I made to my mudroom's console table?  Some are really easy to spot, and some are a little bit harder...well maybe one is a little harder to spot.

Here is the list of changes I made to the space. 
1. Console Table
2. Mirror
3. Orchids in Silver Punch Bowl
4.  Metal Wire Baskets (2)
5. Removed 1 Suitcase
6. Owl on the chair
7. New Lampshades
 I found a new place for my orchids.  They work better in this space because of the purple in the rug, and on the accent pillow in the chair.  Not shown in these pictures because of the owl.  I found this amazing mirror at TJ Maxx for only $29!  The frame is distressed, with silver leaf and gold paint.  It is beautiful and works perfectly wit my wall color.  I found the lampshades at Tuesday Morning.  They cost $6.99, and I think they completely transform the lamps. 
I traded a suitcase for another basket.  I found these two wire basket at TJ Maxx.  It was a little bit of a spluge at $16, and $30 respectively, but I think worth the money.  The small basket is perfect for the kids shoes, and the larger basket....well I think you know what I am about to write.  The wicker basket that was holding our shoes before was not holding up to the job well.  Little bits of wicker kept breaking off the basket.  These new baskets take a beating, and still look great. 

This little owl has made his way from my home's workroom to Donna's home.  I really hope her son likes him!  These little owls have been so well received, I have decided to sell them locally in town at Urban Merchant. This little guy sells for $35.  If you live near Lynchburg, I hope you get a chance to stop in and see Michelle.  She has an amazing shop, and it a great supporter of local artists.  If you do not live locally, and you want to buy an owl, send me an email at


Have you noticed someone missing from our blog this past week?  Kandi's computer died earlier this week, so she has not been able to work on posts.  Please tell her how much you miss her and her projects.  I know I miss her posts!  I am hoping she can get her computer back soon!

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