Tuesday, March 20, 2012

$20 Chandelier Update

It is always a struggle to know when to reveal a room to our readers.  Often times we find ourselves getting impatient with a room, and want to show you the 95% finished product.  I think it is because our rooms are never fully finished, which is a good thing. Right.  After all, we live in homes, not museums.  I just revealed my foyer to you less than a week ago, and I have already updated a major player in the room.  If you have read any of my posts about this foyer, than you know I hate my chandelier.  I do, and I said it!  It is just not my style.  It looks like a spider on steroids!  Sixteen arms of platinum gray coming to get you....

I have hated this chandelier since we bought the home, I just did not realize to what degree.  As I wrote this post, I found myself writing curse words to describe this beast.  I hope you can relate.  Maybe it is not a chandelier, maybe it is an ugly wall paper, a disfunctional appliance, or a squeeky stair.  You hate it so much you find yourself not wanting to go into that room...I really hope a few of you comment that you can relate, otherwise I might need to call my therapist tomorrow! 

In your kindness, many of you have written in, and told me it is just not that bad, and that I should paint it.  I agree, painting it a gold/bronze would completely change the feel.  But here is the problem, I am a DIY girl, and my chandelier weighs about 100 lbs.  It is approx. 5 feet tall, and is hanging 18 feet off the floor.  I would have to hire an electrician to bring in a scaffold to take the chandy down just so I could paint it.  I might as well find a new chandelier by the time I finish paying an electrician.  So painting it is just not a good option.   Here is a picture of my painter painting my foyer.  I think you can get a great feel for the volume of space from this pic.

The irony in all of my hatred of this chandelier is that a couple of years ago I came across a home in Cottage Living, and I cut out a picture of a dining room I loved (Prepinterest);  I especially love the chandy.   Look familiar?!.

This past week I came across this image again via Pinterest!  Thank you Pinterest, yet again you have inspired another makeover!  A few days later I ran out to Lowes to buy a few (yes 16) chandelier shades.  The first Lowes I tried only had 13 shades, no problem, I'll just drive across town to the other Lowes to picked up 3 more, right.  Only, this is where my story takes a turn for awesome.  The shades I originally bought were $5.95, and the second Lowes had slightly different shades on clearance for $0.71!  Yeah Baby!!!!  So this whole project ended up costing me less than $20!  (& I had planned to spend over $100!) 

Here is my newly updated chandelier, and I love it.  It is amazing what a few (yes 16) chandelier shades can do....

The only problem with this quick little makeover is getting those shades to be straight!  Oh well....homes not museums right! My favorite part of this makeover has been turning on my light.  Before the light was so harsh, but now this light gives off a soft glow! 


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  1. I love the chandelier now!! Your entryway looks a lot like mine... very close!

    Thanks so much for linking up to my Tuesday party at Jillify It! Hope to see you again on Tuesday!



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