Saturday, March 3, 2012

Southern Spring Home and Garden Show

Guess who won 2 tickets to the Southern Spring Home and Garden Show!?!?  This girl!  To bad Rebekah is so far away because she is just going to have to miss out. 

Just when you think things couldn't get much better I send a text message to a friend who has 3 children ages 4 and under and lives 2 hours away.   I am fully expecting the old "man, I really wish I could, but..."   Instead I get this...

Gotta love it.  Jenn is a fellow mom blogger over at Unmade Beds and one of my BFF's from college.  It is sure to be a good time.  I will take lots of pics and come home with much inspriation!  Hopefully we last more than a couple hours before talking ourselves into finding wine... we'll see! 

I won the tickets from Urban Home Magazine's facbook page.  You should head over and "like" them.  If you are in Charlotte, Denver, Austin/San Antonio go get a copy of this beautiful home magazine!  Every issue has beautiful feature homes,  trend articles, new products, local business features, etc. etc.   A little sampling from some of the beautiful home features.

All pictures sourced from Urban Home Magazine

And lastly check this out...
Why yes, that is beautiful fabric, and the article is by my beautiful and talented friend Anne Marie Ashley.  She happens to be the managing editor for Urban Home Charlotte.  Man I wish I was that cool!!!  And, just in case your wondering, even though I "know people"... I won my tickets fair and square by being one of the first 5 to comment on their facebook page! 

I'll be back Monday with lots of cool photos and new ideas! 


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  1. How could I pass up wine, I mean the home show, with Kandi! See you in a few hours, girl!!!


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