Monday, April 2, 2012

Design Shuffle

Hello, everyone! Mari here from Design Shuffle, a fabulous online community for interior designers, design professionals and design lovers from around the world. I am so excited to be visiting Woven Home as a guest blogger. Today's post is all about built-in shelves. I love interior designs that feature beautiful and functional built-in shelves. So useful for storage, they can also be filled with lots of decorative accessories, easily making a style statement and adding big personality to a room. Please enjoy! Bookshelf Interior Design Several coats of black paint and lovely little brass wall lamps with red shades have turned this built-in bookcase into a show piece. Sure, it's functional storage because it keeps reference books within easy reach, but it's also a big decorative element in the space. I love that red upholstered door with nailhead trim. Bookshelf Interior Design Adding to the gorgeous architectural features of this library turned music room, floor to ceiling built-in shelves make their very own unique design statement. Bookshelf Interior Design In this beautiful stark white on white space, the simple clean lines of the built-in shelves blend into the wall and let the books and decorative accessories shine. Bookshelf Interior Design Trimmed out with stylish top curves, these wide white built-in shelves are beautiful flanking the fireplace in this eclectic living space. Bookshelf Interior Design No need for nightstands here in this warm and cozy bedroom design as floor to ceiling built-in shelves fill the wall surrounding the gorgeous, but unexpected, headboard. Wall sconces attached to the shelves offer plenty of light for reading in bed. Bookshelf Interior Design Even filled to overflowing with books and decorative objects, this built-in bookcase is still stunning and gives a great living room idea. Lots of slip-covered seating offers an enticing place to curl with one of those prized tomes. Bookshelf Interior Design However, as this living spaces shows, built-in shelves need not be packed full to be beautiful. Here some shelves hold books from side to side, while others may show off a few family photos or a small collection of found objects. This is a charming way to add you unique personality to an interior design. Bookshelf Interior Design As seen here, painting the back wall of built-in shelves not only adds color, but makes the objects on the shelves pop. For those who often crave something new and different in their interior environment, changing out the color is a fix for the d├ęcor doldrums. Images 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 Which built-in shelf design is your favorite? To find more inspiration, check out Design Shuffle to find amazing inspiration from the best New York interior designers, San Diego interior designers among many others!

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