Monday, April 30, 2012

Kandi Who?

Guess who went and bought herself a new computer this weekend?!  This girl!  My husband, along with Rebekah's husband, went on a 4 day golf trip (tough life)... so in a nut shell, I was tired of waiting.  It took the computer guy a month to decide my computer was not worth repairing.  Seriously! 

I have a list a mile long on things I could post on but I wanted to use this as a catch up post of what has been going on the last month or so. 

Easter came and went.  I didn't get to show off any cute projects so I guess I'll save them for next year.  My family did have a hay day at the Easter table doing extra special pictures just for the blog.

Well, you guys are special all right!   I am pretty sure they didn't think I would put them on here.  Will, Matt, and Karla.... you should use this as a learning experience!  The plate runneth over with ham, creamy delicious macaroni and cheese, green beans from my moms garden, potato salad, coconut cake and more.  I'm going to find and excuse to share some of these recipes before next Easter. You can catch a sneak peak of my new dining room chairs if you look close at the top picture.  Yay!  LOVE them! 

There have been lots of projects going on around here and more still in the works.   The dining room is getting a face lift.  Posts to come on recovering dining room chairs, adding length to curtains in the form of a band at the bottom, repurposing an old sign to a chalkboard, and a few other projects.  We just need to finish up the paint before the room is "done".  Although, it really needs a new sideboard to be done done!  Not happening this week though! 

I have missed blogging!  I have missed talking to Rebekah every day!  I did have lots of extra time on my hands which was awesome!  So, Rebekah, take the month off if you want to but I'm sure everyone will miss your awesome sewing projects, recipes, etc. 

I am going to end with showing off these sweet babies because I just can't help it!  But, starting tomorrow things will be back to normal around here!  I love my new little Dell computer!



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