Monday, May 21, 2012

Decorating with Orchids

I think C's Room has put me in the mood to update a few more spaces much to my husband's dismay! :)  Just last week, I finally found lamps and a cache pot for the console table in our foyer.

Console Table Before...

A pair of crystal lamps and a new cache pot full of orchids make all the difference.

I love the details on this cache pot. (I have also seen this word spelled cachepot). I found this one at Urban Merchant. I actually saw it weeks before I bought it, but it was a little much for my budget, so I stalked it for a couple weeks, before breaking down and buying it! I am so glad I did.  It is just perfect.

 Today I want to share with you my method for planting orchids in a large vessel.  Any vessel will do as long as it is deep enough to cover the planted pots. 

1.  I place as many orchids into my container as I can.  In this case, I used 4 orchid plants.

2. Keep the orchid in it's plastic container.  Orchids like to be root bound. 

3. Put potting soil in the bottom of the pot, place your orchid plants in their container in the pot, then fill around plants with potting soil to keep pots upright.

4. Cover with moss.  I bought mine at Michael's.

5.  Place 3 ice cubes around the base of each plant twice a week.

6.  If possible avoid direct sunlight, but place in indirect light.

7. Orchids will bloom for up to two months. 

 I love spaces that include gorgeous arrangements of orchids.  Here are a few inspirational pictures from Pinterest and 

This last picture is from my mudroom room. I hope I was able to give a few helpful tips to decorating with orchids.  Thanks for joining us today!



  1. I love orchids and luckily they seem to love the difused indirect light in our house. You have inspired me to get creative with their containers! I would love it if you would share this on Tout It Tuesday.

  2. This is beautiful! Do you recall where you found the lamps? I'd love something similar. Thank you!

  3. I love your container choices. Other great sources would be Homegoods and local auctions. Silver plates goes for very little at such places and you skip the mark up at the antique/consignment store. I do have two suggestions as a long time orchid grower (30+ years). 1) Use something other than potting soil around the pots as it may harbor disease that could harm the orchids (which do not grow in dirt/soil). I use pieces of silk flower Oasis. It is light weight and absorbs no water. 2) Despite the press it gets, giving a tropical plant ice is problematic. Over time, it could damage the roots. I use a small pressure sprayer to make sure that the roots get water. For smaller arrangements, you can tip them to drain excess water. Enjoy your orchids and keep arranging!

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