Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Yard Sale TREASURES and a tale of turning into my mother!

I think it is safe to say I've come full circle in ONE area of my life.  My whole life I have been appalled by random things about my mother.  We are very different you see.  She is a free spirit.  I calculate my every move.  She says what she thinks.  I think about saying what I think.  She hops in her car on a whim and takes trips by herself.  I plan our vacations down to the minute.  She decides she wants chickens and just goes and buys some.  I gasp in horror and immediately starts freaking out about where is she going to put them and does she have any idea what a commitment that is (I now appreciate never having to buy eggs!) I could seriously go on for days!

I have always thought about how cool it would be to be like that.  To not worry about things!  Don't take this the wrong way... I am not there.  I have resided to the fact that I never will be!  Some people are just worriers/planners/type A's.  Is that changeable (word I made up!)? 

One thing that is "changeable".... the ability to walk up to a yard sale!!  I think my aversion comes from sitting in the car as a tween, slinking down in the seat, while my mom laughs and cuts up with the people at every yard sale in a 30 mile radius.  (That's another fact about her... everyone LOVES her from the very second they meet her!).  Up until the last few months I have still had the aversion.  But.. change is in the air!  I've realized that there are treasures to be had out there and that they are CHEAP!!

Here are a few of my favs finds from this weekend.

Pillow fabric ($2)

A woman hand embroidered this fabric!  She had sewn it into a chair cover that I ripped apart and was able to get 2 pillows out of it.  It is so beautiful.  She said she did it 20 or 30 years ago.  I think she has amazing talent and taste!  Does anyone know what this technique is called?  She told me and I have completely forgotten!


It seems trophies are everywhere these days.  I found this really heavy cute little thing at the Goodwill for $4.  Today I am using it as a vase and I think its adorable.  It is engraved with "Best Camper, Camp Hemlock, 1967". 

Lamp ($3)

This pharmacy style lamp was a pretty bad brassy color but for $3 I couldn't turn it down.  A quick spray with Krylon Fusion in Nickel Shimmer and this sweet little lamp look perfect on my desk!  I found another pharmacy lamp online in this same style for $399.  That is just absurd!

Bundle Bin

I had to go back after this guy after not being able to stop thinking about it all night!  The owner told me it was called a "bundle bin" and was from a local factory.  It is wicker, huge, heavy, and has the greatest huge easy to roll casters on the bottom.  I wish so badly I had a place to keep this guy at my house but off to the Hendersonville store he went.  Is it weird that I am hoping it doesn't sell?!?

Here's to being a little more like my mom every day!


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