Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Entry Closet Makeover: Part 1


The stars aligned for me this week!  We moved into this house just a little less than two years ago.  The very first time I walked through the front door I hated this...

Who could blame me!!! It's bad! I think the first thing that came out of my mouth when we came to the open house was, "well, those are ugly!". I even got Will to draw up this awesome plan very early on (clearly, it just became a piece of scrap paper for Gray... that is not part of the design :-)
He's a really great artist!!! I just need some follow thru!

Lately I've been pinning and planning. I am ready for this project to be checked off the list. I decided that maybe if I did a little "mock up" of what I wanted I could get him on board. Because, lets face it... I only wish I had the skills to do this myself! I cleaned everything out of the closet and HOLY MOLY the amount of stuff that little space held was completely unreal! And, completely unnecessary! It had become a dumping ground of the worst kind! This picture doesn't even show the giant basket of shoes or the 5 gallon bucket holding all the baseball and soccer gear. We do not need a selection of 17 coats to choose from each morning.  All of this stuff needs to be where is belongs and I'm not worried about losing the space to "hide" all this mess.  I grabbed a bench, some cushions, the pillows from my couch, the kids toy baskets, and a  picture from the garage floor and about 5 minutes and a cell phone picture later he was on board with starting the project!

This plan worked!!!  He LOVED the "mock up"!! 
On to some real inspiration.... is there anywhere else to get that except Pinterest? 

1.  Jenny Johnston Interiors.  I LOVE the planked walls seen here.
2.  Jackie Morra Interiors via Apartment Therapy.  Lots of places to hide things here.
3. Honey We're Home.  Lots of pillows and hooks.
4. The House of Smiths.  AMAZING tutorials here on the entire project!

Step 2 is getting started tonight!  I'm off to pull down the shelf, bar, and shoe molding, and take the measurements for a trip to Lowe's tonight.  I'm am over the moon excited and and hoping to have this done by June 1st... just in time for Rebekah to drive in, sit down, and take her shoes off here!  Wish us luck! 




  1. Great idea to do a mock-up to get the hubby on board. Even IT looks terrific! Love all the inspiration images, too.

    Liz @ The Brambleberry Cottage

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