Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Vintage lockers for the playroom!

There is one spot left in my playroom that I hate... here it is.

It was just never "finished" and doesn't jive with the rest of the space in any sense.  It's a giant mosh of toys, puzzles, and books.  The last frontier of that room.

I mean, its directly across from this gallery wall... just not giving off the same vibe!

Gallery wall and custom lamp shade how-to found here. I left plenty of room to add to it over the years.

I had envisioned building in a desk surrounded by pantry height shelving for more storage of course!  Something kind of like this.
Well, as luck would have it, I was shopping at the Tobacco Barn with my mom on Mother's Day and ran across these absolutely perfect vintage lockers!!

I was over the moon excited!  They were the perfect size, perfect feel for the space, and even better than what I had in mind. Just think of all the things I can hide in there!!  And there is even a row of shelves at the top that can be mine all mine (because the kids can't reach them!)

 Next step... getting them home.  This ended up being the hard part.  Giving them your money is easy ($150 by the way!  About $450 cheaper than they Ikea system I had designed!).  After mulling over the purchase for a few days I decided to take the truck and head back to buy them while my mom watched the kids.  Guess what happens next... they do not fit in the truck and they DO NOT come apart.  A really old guy in a motorized wheel chair suggests that they will fit perfectly balanced on the sides of the truck.  Good eye old man!!  This wasn't his first rodeo.  I head off to Lowe's and buy $75 worth of ratchet straps (we only needed two but I wasn't taking any chances!)  Two sweaty guys, two random ladies in dresses, and myself end up getting them on, balanced, and strapped down.  It was the longest 45 minute drive home of my life!

So here they are right this very second.  My biceps got a two day massive workout from scrubbing every sticky, dirty, nasty teenage whatever-ness off these babies.  There is still one pesky piece of blue gum stuck to the bottom... I think I might just leave it :-)  Goo  B Gone is a miracle worker by the way!!  It even ate through duct tape!

I'll leave you with a little vintage locker inspiration.  I am pretty sure they are going to be sprayed green with my new sprayer from Will (you know your husband truly loves you when he supports your hobby that drives him totally bonkers). 

On another note, Rebekah and family are making the trek to NC this weekend!!  Maybe I'll make her help me paint these.  That is, after we watch our kids and husbands participate in the Mad Mountain Mud Run!  Awesome pictures to come!!



  1. These are fabulous! I have something similar in our home. Please be sure you throw an anti-tip strap from the back to the wall for kiddos in your home. I heard a terribly disturbing story about a locker accident recently. Love reading about your design adventures - you are one talented chic!

  2. Kandi - This is going to be awesome storage in your playroom. I'll bet you really were holding your breath as you drove home. Thank goodness your new ratchet straps held your lockers securely in place. Can't wait to see them in place!



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