Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A Muddy Mess

I hope everyone had a wonderful and family-filled Christmas.  We have been blessed to have several visitors in the past month; some for just a night, and others for over a week.  We have had so much fun taking the kids on special outings, cooking, eating, watching movies.  I love having people visit, but I don't love is my mud room, and the mountains of shoes , coats and boxes I have to pass to enter or leave my home; and the mess seems to multiply with the number of people; leaving me with a muddy mess!

So I am dreaming of organizing my space so that it looks beautiful even with company.  Here are a few inspiring spaces.....

My dream mudroom will have a space for coats and shoes, but it will also have a garden center.  I would love to have a fair number of built-ins, which will not come cheap, but until I can afford my dream space, I need to do a little revamp on my existing space; because this is only going to be a temporary solution, I don't want to spend more that $200 total on this project. I am going to try and tackle my shoe situation, have an attractive greeting area, and provide a space for coats, and give my guests a place to sit.  Lets see if I can make this happen....if you have any good ideas, please send them my way.....

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  1. I too have dreaming of a beautiful mun room. I have seen so many good ideas on Pinterest. As long as there is a bench and storage I'll be happy. Just found your blog and love all that I see.
    I'm your newest follower. I would love it if you would stop over and visit my blog and follow me back.


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