Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas Pillows

If you haven't noticed Rebekah and I have a little pillow obsession. 
I just wanted to share some I've made over this holiday season.  
A couple yards of red and white stripe linen, solid white linen, and one set of red and white striped tea towels. For the JOY pillow just cut your letters our of your fabric, pin onto pillow front, and zig zag stitch around the edges.

The one in the front of the picture is the backside of the "JOY" pillow pictured up top.  Tutorial on this cut and re-sewn pillow front to come later.

From L to R:  Embroidered "Merry 12-25" on painters canvas, Mitten (cut from a Goodwill sweater and zig zag stitched onto pillow front), stockings (also cut from Goodwill sweater and glued onto pillow front).

This is my "you live, you learn" Camouflage deer head pillow.  Can I make it clear that I hate camo... Can I also make it clear that when you cut a lovely green and cream ikat into a deer silhouette is miraculously turns to camo... sad but true!  Especially since I didn't even realize it until I was completely finished and stepped back to admire my work!!  I still love the idea of this pillow... just not so much my finished product!

Here is the tutorial I used, along with a template for the deer silhouette. 
Rebekah has made about a million more and if she hasn't sold them all I bet we can talk her into sharing hers as well.


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