Friday, December 9, 2011

Antique Sheet Music Tree

Good morning everyone!  I just don't seem to be able to sleep much past 5 am these past few days, so I thought instead of lying in bed for another morning and looking at my ceiling while asking myself why I can't fall back asleep, I would just get on up and do something productive.  So here I am, about to explain to you how to make one of our antique sheet music trees.  It is really quite simple.  If you do attempt this project, just make sure to use paper that still has some bend.  If your paper is too old, when you fold it, it will tear.


 sheet music

cutting tool

hot glue gun

glue sticks


tree form

star (optional)

The first step is to cut your sheet music into 1"wide by 4" long strips.  I did not count how many strips I needed for the tree, I just estimated, and then cut more as I needed them.  I think you will be surprised how many strips you will need.  I used my rotary cutter with  a
pinking sheers blade, a self-healing mat, and a straight edge.  However if you do not have these tools, a pinking sheers scissors would work just fine.  Other versions of this tree can be made with plain scissors, or by even folding and tearing the sheets of music to create a soft edge. 
For the sake of time I cut all my strips 1" wide, and then went back and cut them into 4" lengths.

Hot glue velvet onto the bottom of the form tree
Hot glue strips to form starting at the bottom of the tree and working up.
Before you glue on the top layer, glue one 4" strip around the form.  Then cut a small circle out of your sheet music to cover the top of the form; glue.  Once all of the green is covered you can glue the last row of loops to the form.  Because the form is flat on the top I placed a glitter star on the top.
We purchased these stars at Pottery Barn last year, but similar stars can be bought at a craft store.  I love my trees grouped together to create a small forest. 

The same process can be used to create the pine cone trees seen here in this picture.  Instead of cutting strips of paper I pulled individual pine cones apart, then glued the petals to the tree.  Always start at the bottom of your form and work your way up.  Good luck with this project, please send me pictures of your finished trees.

Rebekah @Woven Home

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