Friday, December 23, 2011

Around the house

Today has been a crazy day around here.  Mainly because my husband and I had very different plans.  I planned to finish up last minute Christmas dealings outside of the house WITHOUT children... meaning he would need to be home.  His plan... play golf...  Since his included "clients" I lost.  So, instead of staring at my list of things I need to finish up buying before the big day I decided to do a little post from around my house.

This year my decor included a fair bit of DIY but I stayed very traditional in color, sticking to red, green, and gold in my living room.
My tree decorating recipe. 

1. Lights.  Push some in deep to the tree and some wrapped further out around the tips.  And, in my opinion, you can never have too many!

2.  Garlands.  I use two types.  A small beaded garland and also a giant spool of gold mesh.  I get mine at Sam's and for around $10 a roll I think it has big impact.  You just wind and twist it as you go.

3.  Layer in your biggest ornaments.  I like to put my biggest deep into the tree.

4.  Call in the kids!  Let them help with putting all the rest of the ornaments.  I have some pretty, some hand me down, lots made by my kids, and all shapes and sizes.  You can't go wrong here.

5.  Finally, I stick in picks.  Mine are always glittered for the main tree.  Curly, berries, and flowers.  Fills in all your gaps.

6.  Add presents!  Trees always look better to me with presents stacked under it.  There have even been times when I wrap empty boxes just to add to it!

My mantle this year includes lots of greenery from my yard.  A little tip, if your yard doesn't have tree suitable for cuttings you can stop at a Christmas tree lot.  They always have huge piles of limbs they have cut off of other peoples trees and they are happy to let you take them free of charge!  With mantles I think the key is always to layer, layer, layer!  Layer textures, colors, and height. 
You've got to love where "Cobbie Face"  our Elf On The Shelf ended up today. 

These topiary trees are incredibly easy to make.  All you need is a paper mache come and some yarn or twine.  Wrap around cone making sure you fill in all gaps and glue the ends in.  That simple!  I put mine on brass candle stick to help vary the height and to add another brass element to tie into my stocking holders.  Greenery and holly berries from the yard, a little sparkle, and that's it!

A few other little vignettes.
Footed Milk Glass Pedestal plus vintage ornaments.

Willow Tree Nativity... after all... this is what its all about!

Merry Christmas!!

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