Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Updates on the Outside

We love our house!  Well, let me restate that... we love the potential our house has!!  One project at a time, inside and out, as money permits!  When we purchased this house about a year ago we knew the cedar hadn't been touched in 10 years or more and was going to need stained.  

Rather than restaining dark we decided to lighten this baby up!!  We only went thru 20 or so paint samples before deciding on this custom mixed gray.  The people at Sherwin Williams literally laugh at us when we walk it!  But, they are great, and we finally ended up with exactly what we wanted!  Its amazing what 20 gallons of paint can do! 

To us, the roof lines on this house are so beautiful but we felt they were lost in a sea of dark brown (sounds similar to some problems we are having on the inside as well...those to be addressed on this blog very soon!).  We settled on a lighter gray to highlight the roof lines and taking the window trim from 70's yellow/beige to white was the icing on the cake!  A new front door with lots of glass didn't hurt either!.  We LOVE our updated house... although we are in a quandary about what "style" it is.  Cottage, bungalow, mid-century modern??  Also, to paint the new front door or not?  They need some touch up work anyway (LONG story) so we are back and forth on just giving them a color.  Opinions please!! 


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