Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Something old...

Yesterday, I posted here about the amazing Antique Tobacco Barn in Asheville, NC.  I told you about the old grain scoop and sugar molds we purchased.  I thought I would share a couple pictures of how they look in our spaces.   Like I said, I love to have a "something old" wherever I can!
The grain scoop made it no further than the entry where it now holds mail.  I originally bought it to hang beside my new chalkboard in the kitchen to hold eraser and chalk... it was too big for the spot.  I also thought I could find a nice little rectangular glass vessel and use it to hold flowers. 
The color is amazing... wish I could recreate!
The sugar mold is now on my dining room table but has also been on my mantle and a shelf in the bathroom.
Rebekah also has hers on her dining room table at the moment, with beautiful flowers from her garden!
I found this little snip-it on Our American Heritage  about old sugar molds and how they were used:

The Story
Used in the American Southwest and in Mexico to measure brown sugar. Know as pilloncillo. It was packed into the molds to form a cone shape, then wrapped in paper and sold in the general stores or market places. Pieces of the cone were then chipped away as need for cooking . This was because many small shops and stalls did not have scales to weight product. The dark color comes from the molasses that was contained in the sugar.

Filled with orange, blue and white flowers for my sisters baby shower
In Kandi's house all lit up for an evening dinner party

At Rebekah's over flowing with Ziniia's for Sunday Dinner.
The runner on my table and all linens and pillows from Rebekah's table were created by Woven Home.  Contact us at for custom work or to purchase anything you see!

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