Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Headed the right direction

Recently, I pulled the rug out of my dining room into my living room.  While I liked that rug just fine where it was, once it was in the living room it was just perfect.  So… I was left with this…
It’s naked!!  Not only is this room missing curtains, its blue grass cloth, its wainscoting, and beautiful built-ins, but now also its rug!!  Rebekah took me to an amazing rug store in Farmville, VA where I of course fell in love with many many beautiful and amazing rugs.  Too bad they were all about $5,000+ out of my budget (I’m still dreaming of a couple of them)!  So, a couple days ago I just happened to be perusing the rugs on Overstock when there she was…  perfection… and only with a $200 price tag.  And $2.95 next day delivery! 

It makes my room.  Brings in light, brings in texture, is the perfect color, and
“no child labour was used in its production.”
Too bad I can’t say the same for my house…

Now I really feel headed in the right direction.  On to look for curtain fabric, get the husband on the wainscoting, pick the right grass cloth, oh... and those built-ins.....
via Pintrest

Here is a picture of the grass cloth I'm coveting... for now, the built-ins are only a picture in my head!


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