Thursday, August 4, 2011

NEVER give up... it WILL turn up!!

Recently I was in Farmville at Greenfront Furniture, one of my favorite places for furniture, with my client.  We were shopping for her master bedroom and a chair was on our list of wants.   We were using a beautiful fabric called "Garden Gazebo"  as our inspiration (it is the piece hanging on the chair arm in the picture and also what the printed pillows below are made in).  We had already determined that we would use this as our jumping off point to pull our color.
This client has a fun side, and she loves color, so when we spotted this chair, we knew it was perfect.  Unfortunately it did not have a loose pillow that I could buy of the same fabric.   I love to have two hits of a fabric in a space. To me it makes the room feel more pulled together.  We bought the chair, made the coordinating pillows, and are continuing to work on the room. 
All of the coordinating pillows for the room created by Woven Home

In a super exciting twist I was at The Cotton Gin here in Lynchburg looking thru all their flat folds when guess what I saw...her chair fabric.  So I snatched it up and made her a pillow! It will look perfect in the sitting room that opens to her master. 

The pillow... which is actually green... not yellow!

I know there are people out there who know my excitement!  Not sure who was more thrilled, me or the client!  So, the moral...never give up.  That final piece to pull a room together will turn up! 
On a side note... please ignore the quality of my pictures... they are from my phone! 
Actual pictures and this room reveal will be up very soon!

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