Saturday, December 8, 2012

Christmas Mantle

The mantle this year is only slightly different than last year.  More pared down I would say.   I went with real greenery and added a string of lights.  I bought 75 feet of garland (SERIOUSLY!!  I measured because I didn't believe them!) for only $55.  I thought that was a good deal and I really do like it a whole lot better. 

I actually truly hate these stockings. I've had them for years and after I finished up making stockings for the Woven Home Store I just haven't had the time (or made the time) to make some for myself.

I moved around all my string trees and pulled some antlers in along with some glittery apples, pears, and reindeer.  

So... this mantle is bound to change in the near future and I'll probably not do an update post on it... but I am planning a stocking tutorial soon so you can see how I made these babies!  I tried to spend zero dollars on new Christmas decor this year.  But, my imaginary mantle has neutral stockings, big lanterns full of candles and vintage mercury glass ornaments, and maybe some of those super awesome driftwood trees I've seen around this year... there is always next year :-)

I am glad I spent some extra time wrapping this year.  Am I the only one who hates to wrap?!?  I can shop all day but then I'm done.  I bought plain red and brown wrapping paper from Ikea, used some leftover Target paper from last year and added ribbon I already had on hand.  Made a world of difference and it's a step in the right direction!


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  1. Your mantel is beautiful. I like the incorporation of the deer antlers. Very nice.


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