Friday, December 14, 2012

Bright, Colorful, Playroom Christmas Tree and Neutral Dining Room

The upstairs of my house stays very traditional in its Christmas colors. But, the playroom goes wild!  Why not!  I was actually too lazy to put this tree up last year but it was the first one up (of the 5) this year.  I had every single thing on this tree already so not having to spend any money made it much more fun.

The only new thing added to the tree is the little bunting.  I made it from scraps of leftover stockings. I used the same method as I did for Harper's Birthday Bunting for cutting the triangles and just sewed them onto a pink ribbon.  Easy and adorable!

The tree skirt is just a 2 year peice of chevron fabric that will soon be turned into pillows for the playroom.  I'm already over some of the fabric in here.  I've got problems people, problems!

Dining Room
The dining room tree is very similar to last year. Dried hydrangeas (click here for a how to on drying your own), vintage lace, crystals from a old chandelier and a ruffled tree skirt made from inexpensive muslin. It fits perfectly in this corner and I love it in the new dining room!

All is all I didn't buy a single new Christmas item this year other than loads of fresh garland and wreaths. 
 My Kindergartner had his last day of school yesterday so we are off to find a Gingerbread cookie recipe (that doesn't make 5 dozen cookies!!!) and have Mommy/Gray Day (to put it into his words).  Excited to hang with my boy and even more excited that he is so pumped to hang with me!


  1. I love your trees! It looks like you really go all out for Christmas decorations! And I hope your cookies turned out deliciously!

  2. Everything is nice but the first tree is fabulous.

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  4. your cookies turned out deliciously! I love your trees! It looks like you really go all out for Christmas decorations!

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