Sunday, October 28, 2012

Halloween Project: Paranormal Portraits Tutorial

I have to begin this post by saying 100% (well... 97%) of the credit of this project goes to Will.  It would have been one of those great ideas that never came to fruition if he hadn't taken it on and gotten it done! We originally saw this idea on Country Living but had to figure out how we could make it work.  I remembered this stack of antique negatives I got for FREE at a yard sale and they were the perfect jumping off point.

Step 1:  Gather Supplies
-Old Pictures.  If you do not have anything old like this check yard sales or go online and print something off.  Graphics Fairy has tons of things that would work.
-Wood or a frame
-Foam board
-Spray adhesive or double sided tape
-Finger lights (like these)

Step 2:  Have your pictures blown up.
I suggest to a standard size so you do not have to build a frame!  We took ours to a little print shop in town (Hey NC Printing!  They were fast, fun and did an amazing job!)  They only cost us around $7-$8 per print!!)

Step 3:  Mount to a piece of foam board using spray adhesive or permanent double sided tape.

Step 4:  Carefully cut out holes in the back of the foam board to hold the finger lights.Trace the exact size of the end of your light and cut the hole a tad bit smaller. Prick a small hold with a pen to help the light come through. This {freaky} picture is from the back and shows the holes for the lights and also the tiny holes on the picture for light to come through.

5.  Mount your lights (we used electrical tape to hold them in place). 

6.  Add your frame.  We also had to add small wooden spacers on the back to help hold it off the wall because the lights stick out a good bit.

7. Hang and be prepared for your guests to ask where you bought them!

Later this week... Halloween mantle and our Adult Only Halloween recap (prepared to be WOWED by some amazing costumes!!)

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Happy Haunting!


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  1. These pictures are scary enough on their own... so I'm LOVING this added feature! Great! Thanks for sharing :)

    New follower!


  2. I love this! I think it would scare the you-know-what out of my kids!

    Pinned it - Thanks!

  3. What a cool DIY, I really amazed and a bit scared ;-) thank you for the inspiration and have a Nice day

  4. Just stopping by to invite you to My Wednesday Linky party.

  5. How cool is that! Pinned on my Halloween board. Thanks so much so much for linking on Busy Monday!


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