Friday, October 12, 2012

Growing "pains" and my most favorite Halloween project EVER!

I put "pains" in quotations because it sounds kind of negative.  It's not meant negative at all.  But, that is the best description of what has been going on here at Woven Home. Coming off of a huge sale at Finders Keepers and in the midst of our flagship store opening in Lynchburg, VA, on top of everything we were doing before those two projects came busting onto the scene.... growing pains.  More on all that to come! So, if we seem sporadic, we are.  Even if our blogging isn't super frequent for a while you can bet we'll do our best to at least make it awesome!  Now, for the awesome part!

Can I start by saying this idea just came to me.  I'm sure I'm not the first one to do it.  Positive, in fact.  But, I didn't see it on Pinterest or another blog and go do.  I thought of it and did it.  Am I the only one who feels completely unable to come up with an original idea these days?  And, like this one, even if I think its original...I'm sure its probably just not.  But, that doesn't take away from how thrilled I was when I thought of this and executed it!

I was perusing Graphics Fairy and came across this excellent skull.  I originally printed it and was going to Mod Podge it onto white salad plates... it was too big.  I threw it down and kept throwing plastic spiders and skeletons everywhere.  As I walked by my white lamp I stuck the image behind it... magic!!!  I absolutely LOVED it!  Although we were late for a birthday party I had to go print one more for the other lamp shade. 

Directions for this project.
1. Print your graphic of plain white printer paper
2. Cut out
3. Tape to inside of lamp shade (just scotch tape will do)
4. Turn it on and ogle at your creative genius!

Skull link
Spider link (I used the second graphic and cut off the branch)

That's it!  5 minute project tops!  HAPPY HAUNTING!



  1. This is amazing and I would have totally been late to the party too ;)

  2. This is a great idea to make a lamp look scary for Halloween.

    Please let me know where your store will be located so that I can visit y'all!

  3. Cute!! The skulls look like X-rays!!


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