Tuesday, October 16, 2012

More Halloween Decor

You know those people with the cutesy Halloween decor.  Happy little ghosts and adorable smiling jackolanters.  We aren't those people.  We aren't the blood and guts type people either.... but Halloween is Halloween.  It's supposed to be spooky and creepy!  Atleast in my book (and the book of my 6 year old boy who was super pumped to be hanging spiders from the chandelier and putting plastic rats on my crystal candle sticks! 

Here is a snip it of our Halloween decor so far.  Later this week we will get to carving pumpkins and adding a spooky banner (and another free printable). 

Menacing Mummy Window Panels from Grandin Road

 Some shots from the entery way.  Antique negatives I got for free at a yard sale spook up the mirrow.  Some of my sons rubber snakes and some dollar tree spiders and eye balls fill up the candle holders.  A steal of a deal is my $14 Halloween pillow (with a down insert!) for the entry bench.

 More dollar tree goodness with the rats, eye balls, black cloth, and black roses.

The mantle got a few skeletons and bats.

Who doesn't love a 6 foot tall talking pirate with blinking red eyes.  Well, me, but that is a whole other story...

This chandelier makes it easy to just hang little creatures all around the metal work.

All is all I only spent about $14 for my Dollar Tree Halloween supplies and $14 on my Trick or Treat pillow from TJ Maxx.  I think I got a lot of bang for my $28!

Click the picture below for the 5 minute Halloween lamp shade tutorial with a link to the free printables!
I will actually be glad when November 1st rolls around and I can change this out for real white roses and mercury glass pumpkins.  But, for now, we will enjoy the spooky!  We are having our first annual ADULT ONLY Halloween party... come back for lots of spooky/wacky details!

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  1. You house is awesome! Love the lamps and all the spooky details!


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