Thursday, August 30, 2012

Save The Date! Finders Keepers Sale Sept. 19-22

We are beyond excited to get to be a part of the sisterhood these women have created!  Stay tuned this week for some previews of products we will be bringing to the sale if we can pull ourselves out of the workroom for a minute.  We have been sewing machines the last couple weeks!! (Pun fully intended :-)

Do come join us for a glass of wine of Wednesday evening to get you in the spirit to buy any number of things that I promise will make you happy for years to come.  Am I the only one that thinks a new piece of furniture, a new mirror, or a new set of pillows is a gift that keeps on giving?  You know, like every time you walk by your new goods you are still super pumped you made that purchase because it makes that one little spot in your house that much more beautiful! 

One of my favorite aspects of Finders Keepers is that for the most part you are buying one of a kind items.  You aren't going to walk into your neighbors house and see the exact same thing hanging on their wall as you have on yours. Don't you hate it when that happens?!?  Kind of like walking into a party and having on the exact same dress as someone else... you are laughing on the outside but want to sneak out that back door to go change on the inside!


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