Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Pawleys Island Girls Weekend and Shabby Apple Giveaway Winner!

What do you get when you put 11 usually proper, predominately Southern, mostly 30 something, and mainly moms into a house on the beach for a weekend with no kids and no husbands.... you really don't want to know.  And besides... what happens at Pawley's on girls weekend stays at Pawley's!!
Rebekah and I at Pawley's Island Tavern or the PIT.

Suffice it to say we drank a couple mimosas...
The only thing good I can come up with concerning my appearance in this picture is atleast I'm clean?!?!

...we had a cartwheel contest (and maybe a "see who can run the fastest and farthest into the ocean without falling first" contest.)

...we shopped.  If you are ever in Pawley's you absolutely MUST go to Currents Home Furnishings.  Their wall of samples of every single Dash & Albert rug available is enough to put you into a money spending trance!

We worked out a little and laid out a lot!  (My booty is still sore from my 1/4 workout.... out of shape much?)

We ate ridiculous amounts of junk food!  You know, all the stuff that it's not even worth it to have at home because it's too hard to sneak it without your kids catching you!
Should I be embarassed to post this... because I'm not!  Besides, there are avacoados pictured here too... and they are a Super food!
The Chive Blossom is my favorite resteraunt at Pawleys.  A Strawberry Basil Martini and.... wait for it... Grilled Pimento Cheese, Avacado, and Bacon Sandwhich.  Seriously!!!!

We also may have had a glass of wine and a margarita or two.  A sausage ball or two.  And a laugh or two.  For your next girls weekend the two things that are a must would be the Salt N Peppa station on Pandora (turn it on now!) and a rule that everyone must do exactly what THEY want to do.  Whether its nap, shop, boogie board (Rebekah!!) cook, eat out, stay up late or go to bed early.  Our only rule was that everyone did only what they wanted to do with absolutely no judgement and it worked out perfectly!  I wish for you all such an amazing group of girls to hang out with!!

NOW... onto the most important aspect of business for the day.... THE $50 SHABBY APPLE GIVEAWAY WINNER IS.............. drum roll please................. Lucky number 2!
Pam Allen who said "I couldn't pick just one favorite item but I am n love with the entire Twin Palms collection!"  Pam, I'll be sending you an email shortly!  For my very scientific process of picking a winner please watch the video below.  Maybe not scientific... but cute and unequivocally fair!

Lastly, Rebekah and family are loading back up in the car on Thursday to head down to NC for Labor Day weekend which for us is going to include massive amounts of work at Finders Keepers and also some trips to the Apple Festival.  If you are in Western NC or close you should head up because who doesn't love a good festival (and a good apple!!).

Is it seriously almost September?!?! 


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