Monday, June 24, 2013

Tips for Photographing a Newborn

I finally have about 5 extra minutes and I wanted to share a few more photos from Sterling Grace's newborn photo session along with a few tips from my talented cousin and professional photographer Krista Joy about photographing a newborn.  Here is a link to Krista's website. Krista Joy Photography

Tip #1
Keep all props and set ups safe, soft and warm for the little one. 
 Don't have any set ups that make mom and dad uncomfortable (i.e. suspension shots/swaddled from a branch).  For example, in the photo above we wanted the rough texture of the barrel, but I did not want Sterling's sweet newborn skin  to get splintered or scratched so we stuffed the barrel with pillows and then topped the pillows with a cozy blanket.  Not only does it look great but we protected her skin from the harsh edges of the barrel.

Keeping baby Sterling Safe. 
 What you can't see in this photo is that both my husband and I are standing about 2 inches away from her just in case she decided to move.  Photographing a newborn is not a solo task, it requires multiple spotters.

 Lastly keep the space warm.
 We had a little heat to warm the space so Sterling would not get cold.  After all, we don't want to torture the poor dear.
Tip #2
Best Laid Plans
Bring along lots of props.  Before we started this photo session we poured over other newborn photos on the Internet to be inspired.   I loved the idea of a baby in a barrel.  Honestly as we got into shooting this series of photos we could tell they were not going to be the best photos of her.  She was awake and cross eyed for most of this series...and moving (see how she is not in focus above) was time to move on. 
Tip #3
Plan these out ahead of time.  Head bands, bows, hats, clothes changes...these all take a good photo to a great photo.
tip #4
Candid shots are sometimes the best.
  After all the preparation some of my favorite pictures are those Krista caught of my family just being my family.  Christopher taking Sterling's hand, me holding her between set ups and her hitting her daddy in the face when he kisses her with his scruffy beard are few of my favorite captured moments.
Here are a few more
of my favorites.

 From my family to yours


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