Monday, March 25, 2013

Touching Up Paint

I think I am nesting....I have the sudden urge to fix all of the problems and neglected areas in my house, much to my husband's dismay!  Every weekend I have a new project planned for us to tackle.  Some get finished, but most get put back on the list for another weekend.  Somehow, two boys, two dogs, a husband, and a freak winter storm at the end of March have a way of detouring my I have learned to get creative with my time management. 

The closet in the nursery needed to be repainted.  (Along with several other rooms in my house that are this same "builder beige." )  I just don't have time before the baby comes to paint my entire house, I decided to touch up the paint, instead of repainting.  The closet took me less than one hour.  (The rest of my house took me 4 hours, and it looks like I repainted every room!)  I am not crazy about the beige, so someday I will repaint, but for now, this will do :)
Step 1:
If you are smart/lucky you have a record of the paint used....I was not home is about 10 years old, and I do not have a record of the beige my builder used.  Don't try to match the paint with swatches!  It does not give you a perfect match.  Instead cut a piece of drywall from behind an electrical switch plate and take it to the paint store to be matched. 
Step 2:
Prepare the area...I am a messy painter, so for me this step aways includes a drop cloth.  I like to use a small roller with a short nap.  Often I will need a brush to get in the corners.  Use a paint you can see I did not... For a small closet, only a little bit of paint is needed.  (I used less than one quart for my entire home.)  Lastly,  make sure to fill in and repair any holes before painting. 
Use a dry brush technique.  In other words, do not saturate the bush/roller with paint.  Very little paint is needed.  Dip the roller in the pant, and then roll off as much paint as possible in the pan before painting the wall.  (Very similar technique as stenciling).
Step: 4
Lightly roll over the wall's blemish.  Do not saturate the wall with paint, but  lightly cover the blemish.   If too much paint is used sometimes one can see the patch.   If blemish is not covered with the first coat of paint, wait for it to dry then paint a second coat.  I like to roll all of my paint off the roller before I re dip. 
Let the paint dry, and clean up tools.  If this process seems confusing, don't hesitate to go into your local paint store and ask for advice.  My favorite local paint store in Lynchburg is Virginia Paint Company on hwy.  221 they are always happy to answer my questions.  They sell Benjamin Moore Paint, and honestly Bonnie is the best color expert in town. 
I tackled a few more painting projects to complete the nursery closet including this dresser turned changing table, and whitewashing this old picnic basket.  I will try to write a post on whitewashing next week.
Thanks for joining me on this project! 
p.s.  I had a concerned reader write me about my choice to use Annie Sloan's chalk paint on the crib.  I have to say at first I was rather suprised by her email, however I feel like it is my job to make informed decisions about my projects.  Not only do I not want to endanger my daughter, I don't want to endager my readers' children either.  I have written to the Annie Sloan Co. and received an quick response.  Their paints and waxes are completely safe to be used on a crib.  (I chose this paint because of it's low VOC levels, but it is always nice to have confirmation from the source).  It is very important as with any product, to allow the paint to cure.  With the ASCP product to allow the wax to harden.  This process usually takes about a month.  My baby will not be born for another two months, and she is not expected to pull up on the crib for at least 6 months after that.  So I think I am safe...honestly I expected concern over the bumper...which has been linked to SIDS, not the paint.  (I will be removing the bumper, I was using it for photo purposes only.)


  1. Thanks for the information!!!! I was dreading painting! Now I know I can paint and not have to re-paint the whole room, well at this point in time anyways. Lol

  2. Thаnks foг shaгing yοur info.
    I гeally aρpreciate your efforts and I am waiting for
    yоur next wrіte ups thankѕ once аgаin.

  3. I am loving the rustic appeal of the cabinet and the soft colors you use. This is really a good change and it is always good to be careful especially when it comes to the safety of your family.

  4. Thank you for sharing this interesting and informative article, painting with airless spray gun will be faster and more interesting!


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