Thursday, January 3, 2013

Board and Batten Mudroom Progress

Guess what happens at my house when the husband books himself a 6 day guys only ski trip to Lake Tahoe?!?  Projects that have been but a glimmer in my eye miraculously begin with unbefore seen enthusiasm!  Hey... we take it how we can get it!

Confession.  Since we ripped out the coat closet and put in the entry bench it has been a little harder than expected to keep everything as tidy as I would like.  During the summer it was a breeze, but now that Old Man Winter is here and we all have 3 or 4 coats in rotation it is not quite as easy.  Solution... more hooks!  But, we couldn't just throw hooks on the wall around here and call it a day. 

I've been pinning and loving board and batten for some time now.  I think it keeps with the character of this house and it just looks amazing!  There have been multiple board and batten mud rooms floating around Blogland so it just took a little research and we were off to Lowes to gather supplies. 

One inspiration photo from Casa de Lewis.
From Casa de Lewis
We have a tiny little "mudroom" as you walk in from the garage just off the kitchen.  It isn't functional.  I did have a stool and tiny shelf and a pin board in there where I just piled things until they fell on the floor before I put them away.  I mean.... probably not the best method.

Here it is in all it 4'x6' glory.  On another note... any suggestions on how to get your dog to keep the food in the bowl?!?!

I just need a couple more things before the project is complete.  (One of my new years resolutions... finish Project A before moving on to Project B!)

Other projects that I am sure the  guilty sweet husband will finish up in the near future include the built-in desk for my vintage lockers AND getting the guest room painted (which I could totally do myself but I might as well milk it!).



  1. You need a for your dog!

  2. I have a lab and he was having the same issue. I took an old side table, cut two holes in top, painted, and dropped two bowls in. It prevents him from having to bend down to eat and he can digest his food better, and keep it in the bowl. Plus the top of the small table catches any food that does fall out while he's eating.


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