Friday, June 22, 2012

Ice Cream Party: Free Printables

Harper Kate's party was this weekend and I think it went great.  Very low key but the kids had a blast!  In years past I've tended to blow the budget on birthday parties for Gray and Harper.  I've just realized that it is really not necessary.  The kids could really and truly care, and as long as they are having fun what more could matter?  So this year I took the fun more seriously and the decorating less seriously.  Entirely out of my nature if you know me but people evolve you know :-)

I scoured the web, well, actually Pinterest, for free printables and the magnitude of things that came up were amazing!  I narrowed it down to just 3 different projects because that would be SIMPLE!   

Project 1: Happy Birthday Harper Pennant Banner
Cost: Free
This was the easiest banner ever, but I'll give a quick tutorial tomorrow. I cut all of my pennants out of scrapbook paper that I had on hand and found this perfect letter printables on Martha Stewart. She had some other adorable ways to use them on her website (duh) but I needed a little more color.  It was just the pop I needed over the desert table.  Just enough without being over the top.

Project 2: Harper's Birthday Ice Cream Labels
Cost: $7 for the sticky labels

I went with the little cups of ice cream to save on time and fuss but wanted to dress them up a bit.  This project could potentially cost you $7 unless you have these labels on hand.  I used the two inch circles from Avery's new line of Customizable Market Solutions  and I thought there were absolutely perfect! The website is full of free templates and a super easy to use platform for designing your labels.  You can import pictures and logos and they are 100% fully customizable.  I designed these from a blank template in about 5 minutes but the possibilities were truly endless!

Project 3: Ice Cream Toppings Labels
Cost: Free

These Ice Cream Tags are by Amy Moss at Eat Drink Chic.  To save time I hand wrote the toppings onto the tags and glued them to card stock so they could stand up on their own.

The rest of the decorating came from bright linens I already had on hand, flowers from my yard, and about 20 brightly colored balloons.  

You know you have an awesome friend when she brings you a set of 12 monogrammed brightly colored napkins.  YOU ARE THE BEST REBEKAH!!  I pulled out all the colors that worked with the party for extra pops of color.  Worked perfect since our last name and Harpers first name are both H's.  The printable on the right I've had a around for a while and its a freebie from Eighteen25.  They happen to have the best collection of subway art ever!

I also reused pennants from my sisters baby shower on the lower patio. 

More on the party to come this week!



  1. I am so sad I missed this party! Kandi, this is gorgeous! Can you come plan my boys parties! R :)

  2. This looks like such a great time! I am going to feature it tonight at my weekend show off party!


  3. I want to put the labels on the ice cream cups for child's birthday party but I was afraid the condensation from the cups would make the ink on the labels run. Did yours do fine?

  4. Very glad to see your writing..really good to read.Keep sharing such experience.thank you


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