Sunday, November 27, 2011

Transitioning from Thanksgiving to Christmas

It has been so crazy around my home these past few weeks, that I am getting a little bit of a late start on my transition from Thanksgiving to Christmas.  Many of you reading this post have finished decorating.  My mother is one of you!  I wish I could be that together.  This year has been particularly crazy because we had a booth at the Liberty Winter Market.  I feel like I have been at my sewing machine for the past two months trying to create inventory for our booth.  Now that the market is over I can finally relax and focus on my home.  So here are a few of my inspirations from Pinterest..... 

                                          This picture is from Sarah Richardson's farmhouse. 

Here are a couple of images from my house, I have to apologies for the poor picture quality, I snapped these photos with my iphone this morning.  I am having a hard time taking down my paper bag flowers from Thanksgiving, they are just so simple, and beautiful.  As I said in my last post there is a tutorial on these flowers on 52 mantels.  Instead of folding the four pieces of paper together, I folded the paper individually, and cut of the corners.  Then I hot glued the edges together to create a continuous circle. 

        Vintage Chrismas Ornaments in silver, gold and white complete the transition.

Isn't the sunrise beautiful...this was not planned!  I just bought this planter from Estate Specialist last week, it was only $12!  I just love how chippy it is.  The roses are leftover from Thanksgiving dinner.  I hope your Christmas decorating is going well, and you are enjoying this holiday season!

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