Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Entry Closet Makeover Part 3: Building The Bench

Entry Closet Makeover Part 3: Building The Bench

If you would have asked me 8 years ago when I married my husband (or even 3 weeks ago...) if he would be building things I would have laughed at you.  And I think he would have laughed too.  It is truly amazing how much more "handy" he has become.  I LOVE it!  As much as I would like the credit for talking him into doing this I truly think the motivation behind him starting this project came from a couple nay saying friends if we are being honest... those friends will remain nameless but your check is in the mail :-)

Amazingly this was finished in exactly one week and was worked on only at night after kids were in the bed. After going thru my Entryway Pinterest Board he set off to Lowe's. Lets be honest... I was worried.
1. Initial Frame
2. Power tools, at night... and yes.. he is wearing a headlamp... (if any of our college friends are reading this that headlamp should bring back memories)!
3. I am now aware that he could build a pretty awesome stage.  Next project maybe?
4. The framing is done and has lots of extra reinforcement including metal brackets in the corners.  Will says this makes it "fat ass certified".  His words... not mine!

Next came beadboard.  Hung horizontally, inspired by House of Smiths.  The drawers proved to be the hardest part.  It was a tight squeeze for a 6'5" man to get in and drill them down, in hind sight, don't attach the seat top until you have the drawer hardware installed! 

Last came trim work, paint and installing the hardware. 
He added the trim around the drawers to give a little more detail and I am in love with cup pulls right now.  I really wanted the big tall "coat and hat" hooks but they just wouldn't fit.  I think these lovelies will work just fine. 

If you really really want a full tutorial leave a comment and let me know.  I can probably talk Will into it.  From the outside looking in it appears to go like this, " measure, cut board, bring board in house, plethora of curse words, re-measure, re-cut, install, praise yourself and comment to everyone who will listen that you are the most talented person on the planet, repeat."  He is pretty talented and I am very proud.  He did prove me wrong!  This project has made all the difference in the world when you enter our house.   First impressions, you know! 

Big reveal next week!

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  1. Love him! Wish I could have watched this process...would have gone perfect with a glass of wine.

  2. I'd love a tutorial on the bench! I saw your pin last week and began to tackle the project this morning. Let's just say I'm on the Inspirational stage...

  3. I need this tutorial!

  4. Would really like to have a full tutorial: the drawers...need help with the drawers. :-)

  5. Working on one for a classroom. Would love a tutorial on the bench!

  6. Yes, If you have the tutorial that would be much appreciated!!

  7. Would love a tutorial as well! Are the drawers on a glide or are they just sitting on the wood?

  8. I know it's 3 years later, but I'd love a full tutorial---pretty please :) I want to do this in 3 of our closets--1 for a reading nook in the shared boys room, and we have twin hall closets on either side of the front door. This would open up the room and make it feel bigger but cozier at the same time. I think I understand everything, except the drawer part....

  9. please! a tutorial would be great. thank you

  10. They are really creative.Thank you for make over tips.I usually follow your great tips.


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